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Sup guys it's Yin. Some of you may not know me. Most of you do. For those who don't my name is Chris Hawley. Since there are two Chris Hawleys in the yo-yoing community, i'm am usually referred to as Yin. I'm 21 yrs old. My fav yo-yos are HHM. DMs, and FHZs. I have been yo-yoing since December of 2005 when my grandmother got me a yo-yo by accident on Christmas. My biggest achievement was getting 2nd place at CA States in 2007. I have competed all over the country. Yet, what i'm most known for.

Are my interviews.

I started interviewing players when I met Nathan Crissey in a yo-yo chat room. From there the rest is history. I have done numerous interviews with not only yo-yoers but companies as well. I did it out of the want to learn more about yo-yoing and the history behind what we all do today. Now I know a lot of things. I also know a lot of people. That doesn't mean you do.

So, Andre approached me to help bring you guys more info on the players you love. Letting you know why they are so awesome. Yet, at the same time showing you that we are all part of the same community. We all struggle with tricks. We all practice. We all love yo-yoing.
I hope you guys enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy doing them. With www.yoyoexpert.org as my new home i'll be putting these out every month or so. If you ever have any questions go ahead and shoot me an e-mail at Yin@YoYoExpert.com, or you can reach me at the yoyoexpert.com forums. Make sure you know who is coming up and what's going on with us on our twitters too (www.twitter.com/chrismus & www.twitter.com/yoyoexpert)

Enjoy learning about these amazing players, and hopefully i'll see you guys at contests out there supporting the sport we all love.

Stay up to date.

Stay informed.

Stay with the eXperts.
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